Tuesday 09th February 2016,
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Shred helps Access Aquarium

Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

Access Aquarium gives everyone a chance to visit the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center.

AIGA HR is excited about the upcoming SHRED event on August 22, and not just because we’ll be mingling with dudes and dudettes from the Coastal Edge ECSC Legends Gala. Our silent auction of art prints from the competition will help make up our donation to Access Aquarium, and we’re super stoked about that, too!

Access Aquarium is a program run by the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, and grew out of their concern for the high number of poor, under-served children in Hampton Roads. For many middle school students, a visit to the Aquarium is their first exposure to the world of ocean creatures and marine science. School programs provided through the Aquarium follow the Virginia Standards of Learning, and include topics like Fish Focus, Invertebrates, Life in the Chesapeake Bay, and Be a Marine Scientist for a Day.

Since the creation of the Access Aquarium fund in 1997, more than 31,000 kids have received complimentary admission to the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center. Requests for assistance exceed the donations they receive each year, but AIGA HR and SHRED are happy to help.

Part of our reason for being is to act as a force for good in the community, and helping to fund programs like Access Aquarium by showcasing the talents of local artists sounds like a win-win to us. Get your ticket to the SHRED event now and come bid on some gnarly art, and help us help the kids of Hampton Roads get a little closer to the ocean.

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